Coimbatore – Growth in Textile & Textile Machinery Electronics

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Wearing fashionable dress is no more a signature for the rich and famous. Any body can wear fashionable attire. Fabrics when compared to those days are not so dear and purchase of trendy dress at an affordable price is possible even by the weaker section. This is due to the tremendous leap in textile industry.

India, amongst the many developing nations is competing in the world market. The quality also conforms to the international quality standard. For any business to be established successfully conducive atmosphere is the primary requirement. Textile industry thrives in India due to the climatic condition and friendly government policies.

Why Textile Industry Thrive in Coimbatore?

In India, Coimbatore is commonly called as “Manchester of South India”. The development of mills paved way to the industrialization of the city. Now, it is now one of the fastly emerging cities in all sectors ranging from engineering industries, IT business to service industry. Coimbatore has left a strong foot print in textile sector and is one of the global players. It is the major living source for many sections of people. The city is geared up with associations such as “SITRA” (The South India Textile Research Association). The Association creates awareness and provide platform to share knowledge and best practices in textile manufacturing.

The availability of skilled workforce with a full fledged understanding of textile machineries is an added advantage. They readily grasp the intricacies in different process stages. Besides, few colleges in Coimbatore offer courses in textile engineering and assure the availability of technical staff.

Business opportunities Supporting  the Textile Sector-Textile Machinery Electronics

Many small scale industries affiliated to textiles came in to existence. The machines and spare parts employed in the textile manufacturing itself have created a new business line “manufacturing of textile machinery components”. There are many companies supporting the textile industry by keeping production costs down and quality standards up. Especially the weaving, spinning and processing machineries parts replacement is provided by companies so as to ensure quality performance and accurate interaction with other machinery parts. A whole range of industrial equipments required for textile manufacturing is spread across the city.

Now, technically evolved machineries are used in various fields like spinning, weaving and knitting. These machines largely reduce the labor requirement and consist of intricate electronic components. Most of the machines are designed with electronic control panel and micro-processors controls that monitor the effectiveness of the machine. The components are replaceable and many companies manufacture and supply textile electronic components. The quality of materials meets the requirement and ensures machine’s durability.


The Indian textile industry had an annual growth of 9-10 per cent and is expected to grow at a rate of 16 per cent in value terms and reach a level of USD 115 billion by 2012.This growth is both by both exports as well as a increase in domestic consumption thereby increasing the India's share in the global textile and clothing trade. Coimbatore is geared up in all ways to contribute its share with the excellent workforce, establishment and supporting industries.


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Coimbatore – Growth in Textile & Textile Machinery Electronics

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Coimbatore – Growth in Textile & Textile Machinery Electronics

This article was published on 2010/12/01